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LPx: Turning Frustration into Innovation 

We are reengineering fragmented tools for the next generation of fund managers and investors looking to stay lean and focus on what they do best.

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Designed for the alternative investment space, LPx distills decades of CPA fund administration experience into simple to use software, no training needed. By simplifying complex investor reporting, LPx allows user-friendly oversight of back-office processes. Sleek, fun, and easy-to-manage, LPx transforms all aspects of fund administration and investor relations. With productivity and collaboration in mind, various tasks are woven together, consolidating data, and keeping all stakeholders aligned. By bringing  these functions together, LPx gives firms a cohesive and dynamic solution without the redundancy and extra noise. 

LPx understands that solving the thousand paper cuts felt behind the scenes is key to efficient fund management. Keeping an in-house investor relations team and an outsourced admin team on the same page is an undertaking, and something that is often fragmented and pieced together. LPx provides painless integration of the various processes throughout the investment lifecycle, making sure all parties are well-informed and confident in their decisions. LPx enables managers to easily keep up with growth while building trust within their investor community.


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