Redefining Efficiency in Fund Management

A fresh approach to private fund reporting

Experience the future of private fund reporting with LPx, a platform crafted by and for CPAs and fund administrators.

product overview

LPx: Making Sense of the Black Box 

Streamlined Fund Administration

Simplify your back office with a single log in. Easily edit user access, share updates in real-time, and manage investor growth in one place. 

Centralized Investor Relations

Consolidate siloed processes, allowing all departments to operate off the same data set. Eliminate the need to reconcile lists as updates are made.

Frictionless Access to Information

Bring comfort to investors with 24/7 access to info, including managing their own account and access. MFA enabled for bank-level security. 

Increased Transparency & Trust 

Create one shared source of truth to bridge the knowledge gap between GPs and LPs. Strengthen brand with sleek and professional reporting. 


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Why LPx is Valuable

Building trust, saving time, and making life easier for... 

  • Manage dispersed portfolios, statements, & communications.
  • Standardize capital account statements across multiple fund strategies.
  • Update contact info, users, & permissions without needing to reach out to GP or Admin.
  • Easily & quickly scale back-office operations to match expanding investor base.
  • Merge investor communications & basic accounting functions into one platform.
  • Share updates with LPs in real time. 
Fund Admins 
  • Build trust & transparency by bridging the knowledge gap between GPs & LPs.
  • Streamline periodic reporting with bulk uploads that allow you to get info to LPs at high volume.
  • Edit complicated user access and permissions on one page.

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